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One app, all things credit.

Choose a path, and begin your credit score boosting journey now.

What you get with Pillar

Conquer your credit score

Pillar Monitor makes it easy for you to understand your credit score. You'll get monthly updates and personalised tips to help improve your score.

Your credit score may go down as well as up and will be impacted by other factors, such as your personal and financial circumstances.

Get a Pillar credit card

Lack of credit history? New to the UK? Our cards are designed for you.  We help build your credit score with the UK's 3 main credit reference agencies by reporting your repayments to all of them.

Make your rent count

Did you know your rent payments aren’t contributing towards your credit score? Pillar can report your rent payments to all 3 credit reference agencies.

Pillar monitor

Monitor and master your credit score

Our free credit information service. Check your credit score, and learn how to improve it with tips tailored to you.

  • See your scores
    from the three
    main UK credit
    reference agencies
  • Personalised
    to help you improve
    your score
  • See what’s being
    reported on your
    credit file
Pillar Credit Card
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Introducing the Pillar credit card

Credit card usage has a strong influence on your credit score.
Our upcoming credit card is a fantastic tool for you to start building your credit history in the UK.
Your card usage will be reported to the three main UK credit reference agencies
Get the Pillar app now, and we’ll let you know when our credit cards launch.
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Make your rent
work for you

Report your rent to the three main credit reference agencies
Demonstrate your ability to make rent repayments which can help to improve your credit score
Easy and flexible tool

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