Credit that
moves with you

Credit that
moves with you

Credit that helps you thrive

Break down credit borders and unlock access to financial products around the world.

The Pillar App

Plan for the future with clear insights into your credit scores alongside tips to improve it.

Pillar Credit Card

Our credit cards provide the tools to help you build your global credit footprint.


Moving countries? Pillar uses your international credit history when you apply for our Credit Card. Once you’re approved, we help you build your credit score across the globe.

It’s credit, for the nomads of the world.


Whether it’s your first credit product or you’ve moved from another country, getting a credit product is hard. Start with our Credit Cards, built specifically for people with little to no credit history. Build your score with us, then use Pillar Exchange to unlock other financial services products.


We’ll show you credit products that you’re eligible for based on your credit profile. We’ll even show you ones that you’re pre-approved for and make the application process as easy as it gets.


Lender or a FinTech? Pillar Rails is for you. We’ll open up our data rails to give you access to international credit data for underwriting in countries across the globe. See your customers as global citizens and not a number.


1. Get £100 Credit First.

After your credit card getting verified, you will receive £100 credit first.


2. Pay off and Get the Score.

Then when you pay it off, you will get your first positive score with us.


3. Get Another £500 Credit. Win Another Score.

With the first positive score record, we will lend you another £500. After paying it off, you will win another positive score.


4. Lead to Better Credit for Car or House.

By following the process, you will build your credit score quickly and easily. It will lead to better credit history for your future plan.

Credit without borders.
Join us.

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